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Daddy working on a difficult programming problem with uncooperative internet.

Becca says, “Come on, Benjamin. Let’s go into the other room so we don’t have to listen to Daddy complain.”


Roller Coaster

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Since our trip to DisneyWorld a few months ago, Benjamin has been interested in roller coasters. A recent exchange, in which he fills in the blank, echoing something I had previously told him, went like this:

Benjamin: Look at this roller-coaster, Daddy.

Daddy: It goes up and down. It goes fast and slow. It’s got parts that are fun and parts that are scary.

Benjamin: Yep, just like life.

That’s my boy!

Goodbye Wordpress. Hello Octopress.

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Switched the blog over from Wordpress to Octopress. All the same reasons as described in my papayasoft.com post on the same subject.

Many of the old posts reference urls in a photo gallery app I previously used. I’ll slowly go back and clean those up, either:

  • posting the relevant images someplace else and fixing the links;
  • removing the references to the images; or
  • removing the posts in their entirety.

First need to add several hours to each day. Sigh…

Father’s Day

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From Benjamin’s Father’s Day card to me: (Father’s Day in Thailand takes place on the King’s birthday, in December):

I love you so much even your mad to us but I still love you so so much becose you buy us some stuff and you buy us devices which you hate us to play with. from your son Ben!!!!”


A Predictable Good Time

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Benjamin comes home from swimming at the neighbor’s pool.

Before I have a chance to ask the question, my mouth slightly open, he walks past me without even raising his head, and drones out:

“Yes, I had a good time swimming.”

Man, am I ever predictable and how sharp is that kid. ;-)

Moral Aspiration

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I was pleased to see the recent Oz film co-opting a theme I have long advocated:

“Aspire not to greatness, but to goodness.”

Celebrity Identification

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Sitting at the beach bar/restaurant with some friends and my kids Becca (8yo) and Benjamin (6yo). One of them points to the tablecloth and asks “Hey, who’s that a picture of?”

Benjamin answers, “It’s the Buddha.”

“No, sweetie,” I correct, gently shaking my head. “That’s Bob Marley.”

Ugly Shirt

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Daddy: “Becca, are you sure you want to wear an all-white outfit on a day you are going to paint?”

Becca: “It’s ok, Daddy. I’ll be careful.”

Daddy: “Well, how about you take one of my old, ugly shirts to wear over your existing shirt?”

Pause, while Becca thinks about it.

Becca: “How about that one?”, pointing to the shirt I am wearing.

Thanks a lot, Becca. Sheesh!


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Telling Becca about the importance of family, she came up with a family slogan: “Team Weinraub: we’re sleepy!”


Benjamin’s Pivot

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Benjamin: “Give it to me, I want it.”
Daddy: “Let Becca use it.”
Benjamin: “We should take turns.”
Daddy: “Well, that’s what we’re doing. You used it for a while. Now we give Becca a chance.”
Benjamin: “Hmmm, maybe we shouldn’t take turns.”

I LOL’d.