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Becca’s Language Skills

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Plenty of development from Becca. More speech, more vocab, more retention. While she clearly understands my English, when she initiates new words, they are most often Thai, the most prominent example of which is ‘taao’ (for ‘long taao’ = shoes) which she uses whenever she intuits (or demands) that we are going somewhere.

Most striking for me, though, is the writing. In the last month or two, I had begun taping paper to the floor and giving her crayons to play with. she was taking to it pretty well. A little bit of scribbling, but a striking amount of her writing is a controlled collection of small marks, like little 6’s and 9’s. When she finally got her hands on a pen or a pencil, I showed her how to hold it correctly. Armed with this single lesson, she now painstakingly places the pen/pencil in her hand correctly.

I was so impressed that I went out and bought a short little table and a mini chair for her (we actually had to cut the chair down even further to make it work) and a collection of colored pencils for her. Now she sits at her little work area with paper and pencils and looks like a real student. Amazing!