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Becca Brushes Her Teeth

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Although the Doctor always asks if Becca is brushing her teeth and Annie always says yes, Becca really does little more than take the brush, put it in her mouth like a lollipop, and then toss it after several seconds. There is nothing that could be described as brushing; in fact, the mere presence of toothpaste, even baby toothpaste, on the brush was enough to abort the process almost immediately. Any attempt to encourage genuine brushing met with stiff resistance. So, I decided to simply leave it alone -I felt that to push it on her would be to create a negative association with the whole process and we’d never get off the ground.

Well, today she asked “teeth”, so we gave her the brush. She then motioned for toothpaste and would not start until she got some. And now she brushes like a pro, well not quite like a pro, but satisfactorily. Complete with spit, though some of the spitwater still ends up on her shirt.