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Coup in Thailand

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Just a quick update on the coup here in Thailand.

First and foremost, we are all ok.

Actually, for us down here in Phuket, it’s a non-event, at least in the short-term. All the activity is up in Bangkok and while it might make for interesting - or perhaps, not so interesting - speculation about what is to come, the impact on us down here, if any, is indirect and spread out over a longer term.

Political instability is almost always undesirable. The political statemate of the last few months may have gradually weighed on the economy overall, but it probably did not have a major impact on tourist arrivals or real-estate investments by foreigners, the two areas that most affect Phuket. But while parliamentary inertia and the prospect of institutional political gridlock are not likely to dissuade someone from taking their vacation here, it is noteworthy that the words “military coup”, let alone the presumably more desirable variation “bloodless coup”, are hardly ever used in promotional packages for tropical resort holidays. So it remains to be seen what will happen.

Anyway, just wanted to update friends and family that we are all ok.