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Vocab Spot Check

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Becca’s full English vocabulary, as best as I can snapshot it. Where there are Thai analogs, she pretty much has those as well. Recall that she pronounces only the last syllable of each phrase.

Daddy, Mommy, Becca, K. Yai, Jang, James, Ying, Oot, Benz, Beau, Pi, Saa, Na Lei, Ba Bua
Tiny, Lucky, Bubo
star, ball, hot, torasap, sad, shirt, yeow (urinate), kee (defecate),
tv/.movie characters: box, sesame, elmo, big bird, jojo, pocoyo, clifford, bear, toy, pooh, rabbit, tigger, piglet, eeyore,
fish, cat, meow, dog, woof, bird, tweet, cow, moo, roar, ants, butterfly,
flower, dirty,
nong, shoe, hat, “come on”, bai, suay,
eye, mouth, chin, cheek, hair, head, shoulder, knee, toe, doot, ee-pee
thank you, please, sorry
shirt, pants,
pizza, soup,