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Hello, Benjamin

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Benjamin Saharat Weinraub
January 18, 2007, 8:34 AM GMT+7
6 lbs 14 oz (= 3.120 kg)
19.7 in (= 50 cm)

Woo hoo!

Labor and delivery were very quick this time, so quick that I almost missed the main event.

6:30 AM  :  Annie, Becca, Gop (Annie’s brother), and I set out to the hospital for a scheduled induction of labor.
7:00 AM  :  Arrive at the hospital.
7:45 AM  :  We all move into the pre-delivery room.
7:30 AM  :  Annie starts pitocin/oxytocin drip (to induce labor) in the pre-delivery room. Becca, Gop, and I are primarily in our in-patient room, but I am checking in every ten minutes or so.
8:00 AM  :  Becca and I go to check on Annie (it’s tough to leave Becca with Gop as she has been really attached to me lately) and find that she has been moved to the delivery room. Apparently her water broke - actually, Annie reports that she pushed pretty hard and broke it herself - so they moved quickly to get her ready for delivery. So, I quickly return to the in-patient room, get Gop to distract Becca sufficiently so that I can sneak out, and run back to the delivery room.
8:34 AM  :  Hello, Benjamin! Mommy and baby are all fine.

Pics to post as soon as practical.

By the way, for those of you asking “Saharat? What the heck is that?”… Annie picked it out. Saharat is Thai for America. I’m fine with that. ;-)

Update 2006-01-26: First batch of pics now posted.