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Becca - Love That Little Gal

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Becca is doing great with Benjamin. She calls “too, too”, meaning that she, too, wants to hold him. When he cries, she calls us and comforts him herself, making coo-ing and clucking sounds just like we do.

She also seems to have finally figured out how to pedal her little tricycle.

She loves Wizard of Oz.

Whenever she needs to pee or poop, she alerts us in advance. In fact, she just told me she needed to make a poop, so I led her into the bathroom, took off her panties, and sat her down on her little potty. I went out to do one of the million little tasks that now define my days. She took a big dump and then, knowing that she had to clean her butt, came to got me to do it. Gotta love that gal!