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Some Big Steps - Bicycle and Computer

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Haven’t written for a while. Becca is speaking more now.? To indicate that she doesn’t want something, she actually says “Mai ao” instead of just “ao”. Also, she’s also begun riding a tiny bicycle with training wheels. She doesn’t pedal a complete cycle - her legs are a bit short and she doesn’t yet realize that’s how it works. Rather, she pushes a bit (say from 12:00 position to 3:00 position, and then backs up to do it again, all on the same foot. But still, she’s riding.

Most impressively, she has begun playing with the computer more. The primary impeti (?) were moving to this new house with more room and having James and Jang here, so I was able to setup my old Vaio as a play computer for them. The kids have been surfing sites with free flash games and Becca had heretofore been able to play only keyboard-controlled games, mouse-control was still a bit much to ask. I had her pressing the left-click button while I held the mouse in place, but she had not really showed that she had mastered the idea of hand-mouse-click. However, she just knocked me over today at some Doraemon game on the accessed kapook site: full-on mousing to a spot, and clicking. At just over 2y7m. Wow….