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Roseola Virus

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Benjamin seems to have come down with some fever (103.9 degrees Fahrenheit) that lasted a few days. Eventually, we went to the doctor (USD 165. Ouch!) and she diagnosed some virus - actually mentioned a name, but I couldn’t recall it - and that all we needed to do was acetaminophen and cool compresses for the fever, which eventually passed just as she predicted.

Following the fever were red blotches, mostly on his face. I was worried, but Annie assured me that Becca had the same thing and that they had passed harmlessly. I didn’t remember any such thing and Annie’s knowledge tends to be little more than rural folklore and old-wives-tales, so I hit the internet. Found a perfect match of symptoms and progress in the Roseola virus which, now that I think about it, was one of the virus names the doctor mentioned.

All cool now.