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Becca School Update

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Becca has finished her third week of school.

First week saw lots of crying - some even by Becca herself ;-) - but each day, less and less. The second week, she whined a little on the way in, picking up in intensity as we got closer, but she pretty much trudged her way in without too much hassle. This last week, it’s been even better. Only a single day of crying.

Her teachers are completely pleased with her progress. She plays, participates, even helps.

The teacher posted a bunch of drawings from all the kids. Becca was notably the only one without any regard for coloring between the lines. Can’t yet conclude whether that is ineptitude or independence. From what I have seen, probably a bunch of both.

Still, she’s my little doll. Crazy about her, even as she makes me freaking crazy.