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Up Close and Personal

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A few days ago, Becca found a dead moth. I figured it would be a good opportunity for some discovery, so we spent some time looking at the moth using a small magnifying glass. She had already seen a magnifying glass in one of the Pooh videos, but this was her first time to use one.

No extraordinary “Aha!” or”Eureka!“ to report. But it is noteworthy that now, every time she finds some dead thing - and with the new kitten Saen around, we seem to have an endless supply of dead moths, dead geckos, and dead frogs, all of which Becca will fearlessly pick up and say? ดาย แลว? Daai leaw (“died”) - she calls for the magnifying glass by asking for “Big. So big”.

If only she hadn’t dropped the magnifying glass through the porch planks into our standing pool of malarial water (actually, there are fish and frogs down there and the Thais assure me that such an ecosystem will not be a net contributer to mosquitoes). Guess I’ll have to get her a new magnifying glass.