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Chicken Snakes

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I’ve been singing Becca the ABC song since she came out of the chute. Although she certainly sings along, I had not seen much progress on actually learning the letters themselves. She’s shown little interest and focus, so I’ve let it slide, not wanting to turn her off to it by pushing her too hard.

I had certainly never observed Annie working with her on the Thai alphabet, which they efer to to as Gaw Gai, Kaw Kai,? Kaw Kuat… in reference to the first letter of thethe words for chicken, egg, bottle, etc.

Now that she is finishing her first term of school (Pre-K, what they call here anubaan), she is being tested on both her Thai and English.

The other day, she was sitting at her little work table that displays both alphabets on is surface and to my shoc, she recited right through the Thai alphabet. Her pronunciation was indistinct in many places and she missed a few, but she knew the overwhelming majority of the letters, including the Ngo Ngu, the first letter in the Thai word for snake.

Naturally, I began to well up with tears.? What a softy I am!

Her teacher informs me that she is just as competent with her ABC’s, though I have yet to see it.? She writes A’s, B’s, O’s, occasional D’s and P’s, and recently added some E’s. Not consistent or perfectly correct, but definitely recognizable.

Way to go Becca!