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Becca’s School Woes

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Becca seems to be falling behind her peers at school.

In the past month, she has taken and failed two tests in English. Both tests were of the form match the letter on the left (A-D on the first test, E-H on the second, upper-case only) with pictures on the right (Apple, Cat, Bus, Elephant, etc). Got nearly all of them wrong. On the first test, she was one of only 3 in her class of 26 that failed. I did not ask about the second one.

She can recite the ABC’s - sings the song constantly - and can recognize a few letters: A, B, H, X. But for most other letters, she is unable to reliably identify them. It appears like she is guessing or just jumping to draw lines, not looking at them, not thinking about the question.

Another observation: When I ask her to look at a flash card or a wood block containing the letter, she looks at me, not at the letter. What’s going on?

Don’t want to over-react; she’s only 3y9m, still plenty of time to get with the program. But her class is moving on into the middle of the alphabet and I don’t want her to settle into a mental/emotional rut where school is simply a place where she fails to meet expectations or where expectations will eventually not be made of her, with all the consequences that come with that.

Probably going to sign her up for a little bit of extra-lessons at school. Perhaps a little more time with the teachers will help. Otherwise, just don’t know what to do.