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Becca was a bit of a concern for a while. She seems bright enough, understands everything we say in both Thai and English, sings songs, recognizes numbers and letters and patterns on her own. But she didn’t seem to be testing well at school, even relative to her peers. I started drilling/practicing with her a bit more, but my frustration started to bleed out and she could tell I was disappointed, so I just backed off.

Within days, she had figured it all out on her own and was showing off. Now, she seems to be in a great mood at school, a welcome change from the Grumpy-Gus she used to be. She’s still on the moody side, but she could hardly be a Weinraub if she weren’t. But she’s happy at school, participating, singing, dancing, playing, doing her lessons and her homework, just great. So, all is fine there.

Benjamin seems very bright and very curious. Climbs onto everything, into cabinets and closets, puts everything in his mouth, etc. Even jumps off the headboard bookcase onto the bed, after holidng his fingers in a mock 1-2-3 count. Very cute. He turns on the TV and DVD player, ejects the DVD (constantly!). Exhausting. But doing great.