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Benjamin Talking!

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Benjamin is now beginning to form words.

“Dee” for Daddy, “Ca” for Becca, “Cheese”, “ปลา/plaa” for fish, Yes (sometimes, instead of the uual caveman grunt of affirmation, “อวก/uak” (throw up), “ขี้ /kee” (poop), “เยี้ยว / yiow” (pee), “จู๋ / joo” (penis).

And he seems to understand everything.

Only 1y9m.

When he has poopies in his diapers, he’ll come and tell us by pointing at his bottom and waving his hand near his nose in a stinky motion.

This kid is smart as all get out. Still just as willful and cries in frustration when he doesn’t get his way. Sound like anyone else we know?

Just love that boy!