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Kanom Jin

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Annie and Jang are going to start selling kanom jin (a northeast Thailand regional dish consisting of rice noodles covered with a soup-like, spiced, ground-fish sauce) on the front-porch of YoYo’s old place. A few little tables, crappy plates and silverware, a real street-food type of thing. Annie’s a pretty good Thai cook and everyone here just loves her kanom jin, but she’s not much in terms of organization, so her quality is inconsistent and her operations and accounting will no doubt be - how shall we say? - a bit on the lax side.

My primary concern is that she has so much that she could be doing now - laundry, ironing, cleaning the house, shopping for the family, actively (rather than passively) nurturing Benjamin’s mental development, etc?- that the last thing she needs is more to do.

But she’s excited and it might put a little bit of dough in our pockets. Hope it all works out.