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Full Sack

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So, Benjamin finally had surgery to correct his undescended testicle. Yes, it was his left nut.

They usually fall by themselves before birth, and if not, within the first 6-12 months. At two years, we felt we had given it plenty of time, especially since:

  • Undescended testicles are, somewhat counter-intuitively, at greater risk from impact trauma. His was situated in his upper groin, just under his hip, so a frontal collision could really impact the goods
  • The higher temperature of the abdomen relative to the scrotum negatively affects development and fertility
  • Undescended testicles are at greater risk for testicular cancer. So, they need to be accessible for self-examination throughout his life

No drama until we went into the operating room where all the machines, the sole table in the middle of the room with a focused spotlight, all the operating staff converging on that one spot where we are trying to put him down - all pretty scary - were enough to generate some serious panic on his side. But they gassed him up, down he went, and 45 minutes later, he was all done. Two hours later, he woke up furious, but then calmed down, watched a video, then slept most of the day.

We were expected to stay the night in the hospital, but Annie asked if we could simply go home. Benjamin had no fever and no swelling, so the doc agreed and we all slept at home last night. He still has significant pain - keeps and pointing to his groin and saying “Jep, jep…” (Thai for “it hurts, it hurts”) - and he slept poorly last night. But he seems improved today and will probably improve all day long.

Follow-up appointment tomorrow morning. I imagine it will all be fine.

And, God willing, in 25 years when we see the face of our grandchildren, we will know it will all have been worth it.