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The Milkman Cometh

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Annie is driving Becca (4y5m) to school, I am in my home office working, Jang and her husband Man are out on the porch talking to my brother-in-law Gop, and Benjamin (2y1m) is in the other room watching TV.

Benjamin calls me in to help him with something and I see that the top of his milk bottle is off and there is a little spill on the floor. No biggie.

But on closer examination, I can see that what he had been trying to do was get his own milk.

He had taken out a box of milk (kind of like a juice box) and rather than cut the corner with scissors, he had been gnawing on the corner to get it open, as he had no doubt seen Mommy or Jang do at some point. He had gotten enough of it open to spill a bit and actually had the bottle half-filled, but couldn’t get the rest out.

Man, this kid is smart…