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Several days ago, we were all swimming at the pool (of an apartment complex developed/owned by my landlord Pichit).

Becca was using her goggles like usual. One of the gals in the complex was using a mask/snorkel combination and when Becca became intrigued, she let Becca try it out. But the mask was too big, so the whole thing went nowhere.

Today, I bought Becca her own mask/snorkel set. Got home at 630PM so the sun was nearly set, but Becca was so excited to try it out, that we quickly changed into swimwear and dashed over to the pool.

Turns out the mask was too big, but we managed to secure the snorkel to her goggles.

She took to it like a pro. I’m so proud of her and best of all, she’s proud of herself.