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Software Bug in Withdrawal Code at Bank of Ayudhya ATM?

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There is something odd going on with the Bank of Ayudhya ATM network. Software bug?

It has been reported that many Thai banks are now imposing ridiculous ATM fees on withdrawals from foreign banks. It has been noted that Bangkok Bank and Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) are levying the charges while Bank of Ayudhya (BA) so far has resisted.

Based on my experience over the last few weeks at my local ATM’s, I can confirm both that SCB is imposing the fees and that BA is not. Needless to say, I am now using BA for those withdrawals.

But had an odd experience today with an attempted withdrawal at the BA machine. Standard sequence, PIN entry, etc. Did a balance check, all cool. Went to withdraw, but right at the point where it would normally spit out the cash, it asked me for mobile number of the sender, as if this were a mobile phone transfer.

Now this card is connected to a foreign bank account that is completely disconnected from my local mobile number, so this makes no sense at all.

Tried several times with the same result. Spoke to BA staff inside the branch; they suggested try another branch. Tried another BA ATM with the same result. Eventually entered my mobile number and the next screen asked for the mobile number (or account number, can’t remember) of the recipient. Clearly this is all confused.

Needed the cash right away, so had to bail on BA, slide over SCB and bite the bullet on the fee. Grrr….

Anyone else experiencing this problem, I’d be interested in hearing about it.