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Do It! I Mean, Doowit!

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Benjamin has now begun to use two expressions, one Thai and one English, to express that he wants to do something for himself.

In Thai, to “do it myself” is ทําตัวเอง (tam dtua eng). In keeping with the apprently-now-standard Weinraub early-development pattern of using only the last syllable of anything he wants to express, Benjamin pronounces this as eng. So, when he wants to to do something by himself, without assistance, he will bellow Eng! Eng!.

More recently, he has started using an English version. But instead of “Do it my self” or even the single syllable “It”, he comes out with “Do it! Do it!” as he grabs for the remote or the keys or the scissors or the flamethrower, etc. The pronunciation resembles a kind of run-together, single word, almost a “Doowit”.

Very cute!