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Recent Becca Drawings

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Here are two recent drawings from Becca. so proud of them I just wanted to share.

Becca's bug people

Not a bug

Apparently, torsos are optional.

Draw and name your family

Draw and name your family

The instructions for this school assignment were to draw pictures of your family and write their names underneath. Becca did all the mechanics herself, though I did suggest some positioning and I did have to verbalize some of the letters so she could write them.

Torsos seem to have made it into this creation.

I don’t know why I get glasses. I think she is playing with the technique of adding glasses to her characters. And couldn’t be more pleased that I seem to have a tail. A tail.

And Annie has turned into a blonde. Woo hoo! ;-)

Also notable is that she intentionally made angry eyebrows for Benjamin. They’ve been fighting a bit lately.

Way to go Becca!