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Good News, Bad News

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How can that boy be so dense and so smart all at the same time?

Benjamin (2y7m) comes to me and asks me to get him something on the table that he can’t reach. I look to see that he is asking me for toilet paper. After handing over a few sheets, my curiosity piqued, I follow him into the other room to see what’s up.

Turns out he has taken a dump right in the middle of the floor. We’ve discussed it a million times. We ask him “Where are you supposed to make poopie?” and every time he correctly responds “Bathroom”, even pointing his finger there for good measure. Just being lazy about it, I imagine.

Tissue in hand, he uses it to cleanly pick up his creation and dumps it in the toilet. He then brings me the bottled soap we use for washing his bottom, removes the water sprayer from its wall holder next to the toilet and lays it on floor, pulls up his shirt, and squats in the shower area, exactly as expected, waiting for me to get on with the business of cleaning.

What a great kid! ;-)