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Many vs. Much

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Becca still seems to trip over usage of the words “many” and “much”.

Of course, we can see that the issue is enumerability and countability.

So we could say “I ate so much pizza that I gained 10 pounds” or “I ate so many slices of pizza that I gained 10 pounds”. The difference is that I can enumerate and count the slices. [Well, at least in theory. I don’t think it’s possible to really count the number of slices I ate on my last trip home, hence, the 10 pounds. Groan…]

So, as I dole out crackers to the kids, Becca will say something like “Daddy, Daddy, I want much, please.” Comprehensible, of course, but not quite right.

Still, I have no complaints at all about the one I heard last night as she was falling asleep beside me:

“I love you so many, Daddy.”

Sweet dreams, indeed.