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Benjamin’s Melodic Assent. FTW.

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This is the first of what I will label “Guess-You-Had-To-Be-There” (GYHTBT) posts. These are just cute little episodes or observations, usually about the kids, that will almost certainly mean nothing to anyone else, but that I want to remember and preserve. Hopefully my record here will be enough for me to look back and fondly recall it.

So, feel free to bail out here. No hard feelings, I promise. Move along. Nothing to see here. Head on back to your homes, citizens.

First up: When Benjamin (2y8m) is agreeing with something, he says “Uh huh”, just like anyone. But he does it with the cutest melodic flavor, almost a southern lilt. GYHTBT.

Second: Although Benjamin does not yet have a Twitter account, he does have his own preschooler usage of #FTW. Whenever he does something of which he is proud or wins a game, he uses the Thai term ชนะ (“to win”) which is pronounced as chaH naH. In keeping with a tradition established by Becca, Benjamin restricts many words to the final syllable only. So, when he wins at something, he will triumphantly announce “NaH!”. Very cute, but GYHTBT.