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One of Denny’s ex-employees Phat runs her family’s Phuket elephant trekking business up in the hills above Kalim beach. So, last Sunday, we bundled up the kids and took them out for a quick ride.

In the pictures, it appears that Benjamin was none too pleased with the whole thing. In fact, as he was riding, he was guarded and quiet, pulling in tight with Mommy. But once we finished and got all dismounted, he made a big deal about wanting to get back on. Guess he did have a good time.

We got to hand-feed them afterward - chunks of bananas - just like we usually do at the zoo. Becca was comfortable enough doing it, though she complained a bit about sliminess of the elephants’ runny noses. Benjamin was a little spooked at the sheer size of the beasts, so he largely hung back.

Thais believe that riding an elephant brings good luck. I’ll let you know.